Biodegradable Pots

Biodegradable Pot Biodegradable Pot Biodegradable Pots
Roots quickly penetrate
Roots slowly penetrage
Roots can’t penetrate
This biodegradable binder will resolve very quickly, so the roots can penetrate the wall quickly and merge with ground soil This biodegradable binder will resolve less quickly, so the roots can penetrate the wall quickly and merge with ground soil This biodegradable binder will resolve very slowly, so the roots can penetrate the wall quickly and merge with ground soil

Our biodegradable plant flower pots have different levels of resolving binder, depending on what kind of usage, there is other binder necessary.

The Core Benefit Biodegrdadable Pots offer

  1. No Plastic Waste
    Most farmers by their plants in plastic pots and afterwards throw them away, this means loss of money, time and resources.
  2. Air Prunning
    Air flows through the post and provides plant growth more power
  3. Water Drainage
    Water can flow out of the pot and the plant wont drown in water
  4. Root Shock
    If roots normally grow towards the plastic wall and can not move on, the plant will die. With the coir fiber pot this will be avoided and the plant will survive.
  5. Replanting shock
    Normally The plant needs to be replanted in another pot or soil. Often around 15% of the time the plant dies in this process. With the coco pot this will not happen.


Multiple Benefits Of Growing Your Plants In Coconut Fiber Pots

If you’re into gardening, this post is for you. Let’s take a look at some of coconut fiber pot’s benefits.

  • Feels Like Growing in Soil – Coconut fiber/coco coir is a soilless growing medium which gives the experience of growing in soil. Plants are kept in regular pots, and growers simply water their plants with nutrient water. Coco coir can be treated basically the same as soil for growing cannabis.
  • Great for Plant Roots – Coco fiber is effective at holding onto moisture and nutrients for roots, but also has a lighter texture that lets it hold onto more oxygen. This helps prevent over and underwatering. Coco coir tends to promote healthy and fast root development compared to other potting mixes.
  • Good for the Environment – Unlike peat, coco coir is sustainable for the environment. It also doesn’t have to be replaced every grow. Instead of breaking down like peat, coco coir is slow to break down and can be used more than once.
  • Does Not Attract Insects – Coco coir does not make a good home for many garden pests that affect soil growers. Plants growing in coco fiber are much less likely to be attacked by pests or bugs.
  • Get the Benefits of Hydro – Hydro is effective at making plants grow faster because it provides exactly the right amount of nutrients to the roots, in the most easily accessible form. Plant roots don’t have to go out and search for nutrients, saving the plant precious energy. But growing directly in water can be complicated. Coco coir gives many of the benefits of hydro with a soil experience. This results in a quicker harvest and bigger yields for you as the grower, without having to manage a water reservoir.

Coir Pot Trays

Contain Coir Pellets inside

Coir Fiber Tray stackable
Coir Fiber Tray stackable

Simply add water and the coir pellets will expand.

Coir Fiber Pots included with Soil
Coir Fiber Pots included with Soil
Coir Pot Tray
Coir Pot Tray