Coir pots for orchids

Orchids are very sensitive plants. Therefore air prunning is key for the plant to grow. The Coir pot for orchid, let’s the plant give what it needs in order to grow healthy and strong.

Coir Pots for Orchids
Coir Pots for Orchids

Of key importance is the quality of the coir pot. The binder plays the most critical role, there are many coir pot manufacturers which use toxix substances as a binder, once the orchid roots, touches the wall and therefore the content of the toxic substance the orchid will die very quickly.

The magic, which results in powerful and organic orchid plant growth

So it’s utter critical to use certified coir pots, which do NOT contain any of toxic binders. There are talks in the web, that the coir pots do not delivery what they promise, thats mainly because of the used pots contain this toxic binder so the outcome is obviously very poor. Therefore get the supply from sources which publish a certificate like this: