Coir Pots

Coir Pots guarantee a sustainable environmental friendly planet and a sustainable ecosystem, where material (the husk) is used from nature’s waste, by using 100% organic and biodegradable materials. Decomposition starts to take place in an natural environment after a few months.

Peat Pots and plastic pots are harming the environment and are not eco-friendly. In order to change the world to a more sustainable planet, conventional mediums(plastics and peat) which contain a lot of chemicals need to be eliminated quickly.

Renewable and sustainable alternatives which belong to the nature anyway are the real green solutions for our planet. No harmful carbon emissions nor toxic content from factories are necessary with biodegradable pots.

The emissions, hence carbon footprint caused by the production of coir pots is virtually 0. Much more important is the waste being leftover will biodegrade within a few months, contrary to plastics, which needs centuries to vanish. The best: It’s much cheaper than for example terracotta pots as well.

Coir Pots (Biodegradable)
Coir Pots (Biodegradable)