Transplant Shock of plants how to avoid by using coir pots

Never Again, Root Transpantation shocks in your garden plants

Organic growth for your roots

Whilst planting plants from a common plastic pot directly into the soil is often a difficult undertaking, because of the “root shocks” which happens quite often. The solution to this problem is actually quite easy, just use a biodegradable pot. And all these problems wont occur, which will ultimately safe lots of time and money.

Plant dying after transplant

So if your plants die after translating try to use a biodegradable pot, such as the one’s made from coconut fiber. Make sure there are no toxic chemicals used in the production process. Demand a certificate from the manufacturer.

Transplanting plants

So transplanting any plants will not be necessary anymore once you start using biodegradable pots. Avoid using plastics therefore.

No Root Shock
No Root Shock

How to save a dying transplanted tree

Again with biodegradable pots, this problem will never occur. there are a lot of varieties of sizing. Just buy a big one for a tree, if you have a smaller plant use the small one.

Recover transplant shock

As we have gotten lots of enquiries if a biodegradable pot can recover transplant shocks. Of Course! They not only recover it but avoid it by 100%. So why take the risk of a transplant shock if you can avoid it at all. Start using biodegradable pots today.

Seed starter

Biodegradable pots are excellent seed starters on many layers, once you start your seed in the biodegreadable pot, it wont have to be replanted, hence save money and time. Additionally the air pruning is an additional helper in the process. Using plastic pots vs. biodegradable pots these days is a clear choice. Biodegradable is the winner. For the seed starter you may also use Vermicompost