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We are the leading Vermicompost Soil Manufacturer. We have found a mixture of coconut soil and Vermicast, which makes the plant grow to it’s most potential. Proven below. The Plant on the right side grows the biggest and most dense within a very short time horizon. Whereas Conventional Fertilizer or no Fertilizer lags considerably behind.

The easy and quick vermicompost solution are integrated in the coconut soil and makes it highly convenient to adapt in your garden or farm.

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Magic coconut Soil Mixture
Magic coconut Soil Mixture

Add the coins directly into the pot and pour lukewarm water over the coins. The soil with vermiculite content will expand rapidly. Once you put in a seed the results will be remarkable, because of the vermicopost integration. Please ask us to get the best vermicast price.

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The Results speak for themselves, if you want to grow most efficiently a vermicast or vermicopost mixture is the way to go. Contact us on the sidebar to learn more.